How do I join Goovifo?

It’s easy and free. Click Sign Up and choose to either register with your Facebook, Google or your email. After registering you will be able to browse the detail contact of Photographer, send them direct messages and book events.


Can I contact Photographer directly?

Arranging the activity is all about communication between you and your chosen Photographer. You can contact Photographer directly by using “Request to book” found on each profile. This requires you to choose the one of the listed packages and enter the event date.

Due to security reasons, it is not permit to send contact details like phone number, email address and other personal data via the messages until the photographer has paid for the advertising subscription fee to view incoming messages.

Once the payme by photographer, we will share the Photographer contacts displaying on the Request details.


How to make a booking?

1. Select the listed Package on the chosen Photographer’s profile.


2. All Photographer's profiles have a calendar. Click on your preferred day and then click "Request to book".


3. Under the description window, you can add some relevant information about your booking. 

Once your request is approved, we will share the Photographer contacts displaying on the Request details. Upon receiving the contact info of the photographer, you can ask Photographer for all conditions about the upcoming event. Also you should mention how many other people will be coming with you and tell Photographer more about yourself and your plan. 


After the event

After the event, you can send a message to your photographer in your Inbox if you have anything you need to follow up with them about.


How to make a payment?

Ask the photographer about the options of payment methods.



What are client service fees?




How My Job works?

1. Post your project in My Jobs - "Post a project" 

It's always free to post your project. Invite our photographers to submit bids. You'll have replies to your job within minutes!

2. Choose the perfect photographer

  • Browse photographer profiles
  • Chat in real-time
  • Compare proposals and select the best one
  • Award your job and your photographer goes to work


What if I cannot attend the event I paid for?

If you realize you will not be able to attend the event you paid for, you can always contact your Photographer and reschedule your event. Just try to do this as soon as possible prior to the event as otherwise rescheduling will most likely turn into cancellation (check out the Cancellation Policy with your photographer).



How Marketplace works?

Marketplace allows Artists and Photograpgers to upload their own professional photos or videos and sell at own determined price.

Click on " Marketplace" on the Home page and browse all available photos or videos.





Why should I join?

While hosting an event, Photographer not only improve their photography skills but also develop their personal traits. Be it time management, social skills or creativity and imagination. Also, Photographer can make extra money - even if you are a professionally-trained photographer or passionate freelancer.

Plus, every event is a totally different experience as you meet new people all the time. Imagine how different and interesting would the events be! A lot of Goovifo Photographers appreciate making new friends. It was easy to make friends when you were young, right? However, with the years passing it becomes more difficult to make first move. And here you are, sharing moments and conversations with people you have never seen before!


How do I join Goovifo as a Photographer?

It is easy and free. Just click Become a Photographer! on our website. Here you will be asked to register via Facebook or email, fill your profile and upload photos.

We welcome photographers who have the passion and skills to join us on Goovifo. We are a platform for the finest photographers with different photography styles, from around the world.

We also firmly believe in providing a good photoshoot experience for clients on Goovifo. Therefore, we curate all photographers who are on Goovifo to maintain the quality of photographers from each area.


How safe is this?

Inviting people, you have never met before may be a little bit challenging. However, there is something you can do to make your events more secure.

The main rule is not to give your personal contact information until Client pays for your event. After the payment, we will know all the details from the bank. This is an important safety matter.

Second rule is to avoid contacting your guests outside Goovifo. If there is no conversation or no booking on the website, neither you nor your clients are protected by Goovifo terms and conditions. So, if Clients did not show up, Goovifo would not not be able to refund you the costs of the wasted time.

Also, you can check client’s reviews, written by other photographers, so you get to know more about incoming clients.

So, keep calm and chat on

Our legality is stated under our terms and conditions, we have Photographers all over the world satisfied with Goovifo experience. Any claim relating to Goovifo or its use will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong.



Note: If you’re using Goovifo for the first time, please look at this Help article to learn more about how the booking system works.

Package page lets you choose the policy you think is the best for your booking and collection of payment in our booking system.


Deposit Percentage

This sets the deposit amount collected when Clients booked you. The minimum percentage is not less than USD20.


Cancellation Policy

You have the right to set your own cancellation policy.



Negotiate with your client about the options of payment and the type of currency you would like to receive.


How to create a customized Package?

You can personalize your services to any client by customizing a package after the client sends you a booking request

Clients may require add-ons, such as photo albums, extra photoshoot hours, or extra photoshoot locations etc. You may also want to offer discounts to a particular client.

Your client will then be able to book and make payment for the customized package.



What are subcription fees?

To help cover the costs of processing client payments, we charge photography for subscription fee. The price of the subscription plans are listed under My Menu. 

We also charge Lead Service fee when the photographer has choosen not to pay for the scubscription.


What information about me will be public?

There is some information Goovifo requires filling in that may seem a bit private, like your full name, address and phone number. Do not worry , only some of your personal info will be publicly shown before booking request is approved. Then why do we need them?


We only show the user name and name to the public so that they know you are not hiding your personality from them. Your Clients do not know you and they need to feel safe booking an event at your place.

Your email is also needed to send notifications about incoming bookings or if Goovifo needs to contact you for urgent matter, we will call you by your phone number. 


Who owns the copyright of photos?

Goovifo do not own any photos that you uploaded as part of your portfolio. By uploading the photos on Goovifo, you agree that you have the rights and permission to use the photos to represent your services. You also allow Goovifo to use your work for promotion of your profile and the marketplace.

If you found out that your photos were uploaded to Goovifo illegally and you are the owner of all rights to those photos, please contact us at


What kind of photos or videos can I upload?

Only upload photos or videos taken by you or the photography studio that you’re representing. 


How to use Instagram account to enrich my profile?

Now you can connect your Instagram account to Goovifo's profile! So how does it work?

1. Log in on

2. Go to "Edit my Profile" and type in your Instagram ID in the "Instagram ID" where you will be able to add your Instagram.


Add the city that you serve

You can add the city that you regularly serve to your Goovifo profile.  Search result is shown according to the location that you have entered.


How to update my calendar?

First of all, good and updated calendar gives you 2 very important things:

1. Better and easier communication with clients;

2. Better chances to get more bookings as photographers who have earlier dates available will show up at the top

Double click on any date of the calender, and add note. After you added note, the choosen date will not be available for incoming booing. You can delete the note by clicking on the choosen date, then client will be able to book the choosen date. 


How to reschedule a booking?

Many photographers experienced difficulties when clients wanted to change booking details. Unfortunately, you cannot change the date of event after the payment if made. You can only reschedule the event with the client privately at the moment.


How My Job works?

1. Click on Browse Job and enter the location on the Home page

It's always free to bid a job. You'll have replies to your job within minutes!


2. Check the Job status in My Jobs under the Photographer Dashboard

  • Chat in real-time
  • Go through the job detail and plan with your client


How Marketplace works?

Marketplace allows Artists and Photograpgers to upload their own professional photos or videos and sell at own determined price.

Click on " E-Marketplace" to add products under the Photographer Dashboard and set your own prices.


Payouts for Marketplace

You need to have an existing PayPal account to successfully use PayPal as a payout method. Activate your PayPal account, which is associated with your email address, before adding it as an Goovifo payout method. Find out more about PayPal, including how to create an account, at

When you add PayPal as an Goovifo payout method, make sure that you enter the email address associated with your PayPal account in the “Payouts Preference” correctly.